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Ciao Milano!

January 19, 2018


Here we are.  My apologies for the delay, I know a few of you have been waiting to hear about everything.  Let's just say, I had a mountain to climb fresh off of the plane!


I woke up from a light nap to the snow capped Alps, and was startled.  It had officially set in that I was extremely far away from home, and very unsure about a lot of things. My 2 carry-on bags had been packed to the maximum, and stuffed in first class overhead compartments that had escaped my hopes after boarding the plane late.  I was thankful to have optimal leg room though.


The journey to my apartment-to-be was cool.  I just went for it, and ended up there safely.  I passed through a graffiti park next to my train stop.  I'm sure I'll be capturing images from it constantly.  We live next to a canal, on the 4th floor of an apartment building close to pretty much everything we need.  My room is a little cuffy, but I have a balcony and a huge closet space, so I couldn't ask for much more.  


I decided to lightly unpack, shower, and join my classmates for our Thursday afternoon session with Dr. B.  I slipped into my Off-White Blazers (fresh out of the box), and headed to the station with Emily. I got my first taste of a planned subway ride, and then off to the Milano streets.  Our days plan was to head back to the Duomo, a large cathedral in the center of Milan, and climb the stairs to the top.... wonderful (hahahah).  I was tired, but certainly excited.



We took in some more sights, visited some shops, and got food before heading back to the apartment for the evening.






It's wild reflecting on all of this through the pictures I captured, and thinking about all that I have seen in just a few days.  Friday, we visited some more extremely old cathedrals, some great strips for shopping, and went on a tour that evening.  That was also the first day I got a taste for Italian pizza.... which will take some time for me to assess... but be patient please haha.  Our tour was great.  

We actually live very close to a great district for nightlife.  At the end of the canal, it merges with another and there is so much to do. Our guide was wonderful, and showed us a ton of places I definitely plan to frequent during my stay.



As you may of may not have known, I arrived in Milan during Men's Fashion Week.  While I had hopes for at least something to take part in, I didn't quite know what to expect or how to go about it.  I sent some messages out to some friends of mine, got some help from my brother Nigel ( @Nigel_Isaiah ) and hoped for the best.  I had an RSVP for a show Monday I planned to cash in on, and got the OK from Dr.B. to attend, since it was during our class time.  It fell in line with our goal to gain inspirations, so I was happy I went after it.


I woke up Sunday morning to an invitation to the showing of the A/W 18-19 collection from English Menswear's Cifonelli. Wasting no time, I threw on some clothes and headed to the location.  I was met by two gentleman with iPads for the guest list, something I witnessed standing outside the Purple Label and Versace shows the night before, and let them know my name.  I headed up to the second floor and into an amazing room full of male models dressed impeccably in some of the best menswear styles I had laid my eyes upon in my entire life.



Since I only made the tail end of the showing, I decided to put my day to good use, and go for a walk.  I found a park, and spent some time on a bench before heading off into whatever else the day held for me.  Fortunately, I stumbled upon another experience.  I cut down what appeared to be an alleyway full of small shops, that actually led to some of the most notable clothiers in the world.  Pretty much everyone you could name.


Staring into the windows in awe, I passed by designer after designer, knowing I had been led here for a reason.... and there it was.  The most impeccable sheath dress I had ever seen.  A pure masterpiece, in the window of Dolce & Gabbana.  Floral and vibrant, it captured me on first sight.  Draped in a fur accent its right shoulder, I knew I had to get closer to it.  When I did, I was shown the true essence of Italian craftsmanship.  It was as if GOD himself had sewn this dress together, and placed it there to let me know that there are levels to this. I scoped out the rest of the shops before shuffling over to the Duomo, and eventually heading home.



Monday, was a great day.  I got to meet my boss, who is absolutely WONDERFUL. On a high, I decided to walk back to my neighborhood.  I stopped by a shop for a sandwich.  I decided to get this cute little soda I saw.... bad decision.  But the sandwich was excellent.  Close to my canal crossing, I found a fried chicken spot, and just couldn't say no.  I came home and took a quick shower before heading to the Represent Co. show, which would be my very first fashion week experience.  


There, I was met by my classmates who were playing paparazzi.  They had just left the Fendi show, scoping out all of the wonderful street styles.  I headed into the show, grabbing a bottled water I needed after running down the street.  I noticed a familiar face coming in after a few minutes of waiting.  It was stylist Dex Robinson , one of the best there is.  I cut out of my section and introduced myself, adding in that I was from Buffalo (because he styles our starting quarterback).  He shouted me out on his IG later that day.... great day.


Unfortunately, I fell ill Tuesday and have been doing my best to recover as soon as possible.  I used the time to purge my Instagram account, which was a part of my self-care plan (instead of just deleting it all together).  I caught some heat for it, but surely I'll begin following people back soon.  


So here's to a week in Milan, and the weeks to come.  Thank you all for supporting me through this.  I had my home-sick day, and a couple real sick days, so hopefully there's a ton of high notes to come.  After this weekend we'll be starting our internships, so I'm sure there will be joyous stress in my future.  But thankfully I'm madly in love with what I do.  

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